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This is the lates about Star Citizen.

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2018-11-15 21:44:17

Anniversary Promotion & Free Fly Details

Anniversary Promotion & Free Fly Details Take to the skies! Citizens, To celebrate the release of Hurston, Star Citizen’s first explorable planet, and commemorate our anniversary, we’re launching a Free Fly event of unprecedented magnitude.

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2018-11-14 01:16:34

Portfolio: Intergalactic Aerospace Expo

For spacecraft enthusiast Audrey Timmerman, Lo was the ideal place to grow up. Every day, a wide array of ships would make the trip into atmosphere from the bustling spacelanes above.

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2018-11-13 17:52:59

November 2948 Subscriber Flair

November 2948 Subscriber Flair Subscribers In the classic RSI Venture Explorer Suit, one can march into the unknown with fortitude and panache. But to achieve this, one is going to need their legs.

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2018-11-05 20:41:29

Squadron 42 Monthly Report: September 2018

Squadron 42 Monthly Report: September 2018 This is a cross-post of the report that was recently sent out via the monthly Squadron 42 newsletter. We’re publishing this a second time as a Comm-Link to make it easier for the community to reference back to, and plan on following this process for future Squadron 42 Monthly Reports.

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2018-10-31 20:12:41

Q&A: Anvil - Valkyrie

Q&A: Anvil Aerospace – Valkyrie Following the launch of the Valkyrie from Anvil Aerospace, we took your community-voted questions to our designers to give you more information on the recently unveiled troop/personnel transport. Special thanks to John Crewe and Todd Papy for answering these questions.